Big BAD Wolf, So GOOD Prices.

Lika and I decided to carpool today because I was sure that car park would be hard to find at a fair like this. People would definitely flock there like moths to light. I was almost afraid that the good books will be grabbed before we got there, and that all that would be left were the bent and stained ones. I admit that when it came to books, I only buy those crisp ones, because yeah, I’m a book lover and books that are in any way bent or ‘soiled’ would have me lose interest in them.


So I was VERY surprised when we approached SASICC and found the place to be.. well, rather normal looking. I was expecting tons of cars and a rather jammed up road leading to SASICC. And when we went to the parking lot, I was surprised to see that it was literally half empty. But we concluded that maybe most of the people had parked their cars at ECM and walked over. But in the back of my mind, it sounded a bit ridiculous even coming out from my mouth. ==

And then when we entered the building, it felt… wrong. It felt like something was amiss. The building was not crowded. I began to actually wonder if we had the dates right. But then we were at the main entrance, and true enough, the book fair was there. There were even banners that said books were as low as RM3. And in my mind I was thinking that those were probably the ‘reject’ kind. We entered the hall expectedly, only to find the crowd was… probably minimal for a fair.

I was shocked. And felt slightly insulted, to be honest. lol

Were Kuantan people who actually still loved books that scarce? Did nobody ever pick up a book to read anymore now that there were stuff like Kindle and E-Books?

But another part of me was happy; hey, more books for us! xD

But then later on, I realised… it was a week day. Meaning that many had work or were at school. And I started to feel a little sheepish for the little mental outburst that I had. =p


Also, Lika and I knew that this book fair offered really low prices for books, and I admit, I came prepared to spend about RM150. Of course, I had a little extra just in case I needed it.

But when we saw the price tags on the books, Lika and I were so happy, we were almost in tears. lol

90% of the books there were priced at RM8. Which was INSANE. Sure, there were books that had seen better days, but most of them were in good condition. And of course, when I see a book I like, I dug for the crispiest book I could find. =p there were piles upon piles of books of all genres, though I wished they had books about dance.


Pic from Big Bad Wolf BooksFacebook Page.

It was book heaven.

Even made 100x better that the books on sale were SO FRIGGIN CHEAP.

Before this I had to debate which book I liked better to buy; now, I just dump all the books that catches my eye into the box (provided at the entrance) without having to worry about making my wallet cry.

I bought a total of 8 books.


Total price? RM55.

(P/S: if you’re wondering why there’s only 7 here, it’s because the 8th one is for my sister, and it’s a surprise. ;) )

Don’t believe the price?



So now I have 8 new books that I have yet to read, including the previous one I bought together with The Wedding; Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper.

And my book cupboard is full as it is. ><


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