My Sister’s Keeper

I’ve heard a lot about this Picoult book. I know that there’s even a movie about it, but I haven’t really gotten to reading or watching either.

I’ve just started reading it, and it already makes me think about Anna’s situation: What would I do, if it was my sister who was sick, and I was merely conceived to save my sister?

The bitter truth’s answer would be: It wouldn’t be any different; as a kid, I was already treated inferior to my younger sister, and she wasn’t even sick. I’d get hit from both my mum AND my sis, but despite my mum doing everything in favour of my sister; despite that my sister herself told me countless times how much she hated me to my face, and no matter how many times I felt awful for being such a horrible daughter and sister to them both, I loved my sister to death.

I would literally hunt down every person that did her any wrong; I’d stare them down in the eye. I was really protective of my sister, and still am years after, and I know I will be, years from now.

I grew up on bruises left on my body by my sister; be it in the form of a bite mark, a wound from a pen stabbed to my head, or a black-and-blue mark from something she used to hit me with. It would be extremely rare for me to go a day without crying. I fell into a mild depression in grade school, up till almost college.

But as much as she injured me both physically and mentally, there was a strange sort of fierce protectiveness in me for her. Anyone who lay a wrong finger on her would face my wrath (not saying my wrath was a lot, but… you get me). And up till today, that has never changed.


And in that first two chapters, I find myself asking that same question to myself: If I had been ‘created’ merely as a sort of ‘inventory’ (if you will) for my sick sister, would I protest and object, or would I willingly do it?

The answer came to me without a doubt, and almost immediately.

I thought of all the painful procedures Anna had to go through since birth just to keep her sister alive.

Would I be willing to do that, seeing as I myself have always been afraid of being cut open or having any procedures other than what a normal checkup required?

I got my answer within me immediately.

I may not have had to go through what Anna did, so I may not know exactly what she’s going through. But one thing I’ve known for sure for years:


I’d die for my sister.


And judging by all those procedures, it isn’t even close to dying.

It is painful, I’m sure. But if I would take a bullet (or ten, or a hundred) for her, I wouldn’t think that all those operations and procedures would be enough to faze me to file a lawsuit.


What is the purpose of this post?

I’m not really sure myself… but somehow, I felt that I just had to write it down.

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