30 Day Challenge About You – Day2: Favorite Food.

Sooooo…. Day 2! xD

It’s 2.17am (when I started this post; am now posting it at 5.07am) and I’ve decided to post it now since it’s well over 12am, plus I’m actually looking forward to updating the challenge! =D

Ok, so day 2 says: Favourite Food.


I don’t have ONE in particular, so I’m just gonna list down all my favourite foodz! xD =D


1. Japanese



Just LOOK at that Sashimi goodness! wee

Best part is, Salmon is high in protein, vitamin D, and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

I could literally live on salmon and tuna sashimi man. I’d be so healthy. ;)


2. Korean



I swear I’m not being biased.

I mean, look at those lip-smacking dishes! Koreans have the tendency to eat healthy too, so I’ve got no complaints about that. =p I’m not one for noodles (I’m more of a rice person, if you compare the two), but HOLY HELL I love Jajangmyun.

And the Samgyupsal? Well… let’s just say that if you love bacon, try grilling them, then wrapping them up in leafy vegetables and adding whatever other side dishes you like (it’s called Ssam in Korea ), dip them in a bit of chilli paste (called Gochujang) and shoving them in your mouth. Pure tastebud heaven, I tell ya.


3. Italian



Good ol’ pasta and lasagna. THE comfort food. 

To be honest, I love my pastas either carbonara/alfredo, or bolognaise with LOADS of tomatoes and minced meat. Surprisingly though, I’m not a huge fan of pizza. My only favourite pizza is Michealangelo’s down at Ipoh. They serve Bacon & Eggs pizza. And it’s literally orgasm to your tastebuds, I’m telling ya. *A*

Or maybe I just haven’t tried the ‘authentic’ pizza yet. Oh well…


4. French


Let’s see… what can I say? French food are rich in flavour, and either small or decent-sized portions. In my opinion, French cuisine has this… ability to really pull your tastebuds to attention, and leaving them craving for more even after you’ve finished. Or maybe it’s just me being my usual greedy self. 

I don’t have a thing for Escargot, but then again maybe it’s because I’ve never tried it before… the same thing that happened the first time I heard about Frog Legs. =p But the thing I love most about the French, though, are their pastries. *drools* I’m a complete sucker when it comes to pastries.


5. American/Western


Ahhh~ good ol’ American best. I don’t think I need many pictures for this; I’m sure the majority of you already know what kind of food is famous in America/Western countries. But I just can’t help adding it to the list because come on, who can resist a good, juicy plate of steak? ;)


6. German Food



Bangers ‘n’ Mash, & MEAT. That’s the German way to go. I LOVE their Rahmschnitzel though. And I’m a complete meat person (unless, like I mentioned in the first food category, I have the opportunity to have a complete salmon-and-tuna-sashimi diet), so I don’t think I’ll be having any problems living off of German food. ;)


7. Salads



And of course, there are times I feel like eating healthy (or I’ve just eaten something incredibly fattening and feel guilty for it and wanna compensate xD ).I LOVE tomatoes, so a tomato salad would be good. Plus I also like Caesar salads, and I wouldn’t mind topping it off with chopped bacon! I normally like my salads with Thousand Island sauce (I know, it’s fattening… >< ) or some balsamic vinegar. Technically, vinegar is the healthier option, but… you know… sometimes your tastebuds crave for something sweet and.. tasteful, no? =p


So yes. Those are the few kinds of food that I love. Of course, I do love the Malaysian cuisines as well: Chinese food, as well as Malay and Indian foods (Indian curry is the BEST. For those of you who have not tried it, DO IT), but I figured I’d go with something other than the regular norms in Malaysia (Nasi Lemak, Mutton Curry, Fried Kuey Tiow etc). I know how to enjoy other country’s food also ohkeyhhh~ ;p

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5 Replies to “30 Day Challenge About You – Day2: Favorite Food.”

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  2. I’m with you as far as Japanese (LOVE sashimi, in fact I will only eat salmon raw) and Korean, well, not so much the bacon, and salads. You can keep the American food. I would substitute lamb. Lovely photos. And what a great idea. Cheers! (Saw your post on FB)

    1. Hahaha, thanks! I probably should mention though, I got the photos from Google. =p Thanks! I’d love to read if you decided to do the challenge as well! ^^

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