30 Day Challenge about You – Day 22: What You Look For in a Person

I think I’ve answered this question many times.

And each time, I’ve noticed things I look for that have changed as I grew up. There are, however, things characteristics that have stuck since I first made the list.

But ah, let’s see what I look for now eh?

I’m guessing this isn’t relationship-wise, either, because it says ‘person’ rather than ‘partner’ or something. So ok, let’s just put it this way: what I look for in a FRIEND.


  1. HONESTY. I can’t stress out how important that is to me. I can’t mingle with someone whom I know is telling me all I want to hear (or is not telling me anything at all), but then goes behind my back and complains to other people about it. If I’m being a complete bitch, tell me. I may not realise what I’m doing (which I think is often the case with people in general; we’re not perfect, durr), so I need a friend whom I can count on to let me know if I’m doing something wrong or not very nice. Sure, I may feel hurt initially when you tell me, but I’m the kind of person who would go back and think about it, and chances are, I’d thank you later for making me realise what I did wrong.
  2. Sense of Humour. Another very important characteristic. I can’t stand people who are too serious. I need someone I can be silly with, do all the stupid stuff and cuss till kingdom comes. Sure, I understand that there is a time to be serious, but for the other times, I need someone I can have fun with. Someone who’s equally sarcastic and has that similar sense of humour, someone who won’t take things so seriously, and someone who knows how to have fun.
  3. Someone who isn’t afraid to let loose. Seriously. I can’t stand people who look in the mirror every few minutes to see if there’s a strand of hair out of place or if a spot of foundation has gone off. Seriously. I mean I know that it’s good you care about your looks, but that’s just ridiculous, and I can’t stand it. I want someone who isn’t afraid to get messy, who doesn’t mind being wet/floured/powdered/etc, and who would do it right back at you.
  4. Someone who’s sociable. And that applies to partners as well. I want a friend who’s not all quiet and shy around people they don’t know. Ok, sure, I understand that you might feel a little awkward and shy towards people you don’t know, but at least TRY to make conversation.I wouldn’t want someone who’s so quiet that they just sit there awkwardly and only answer when spoken to.
  5. Prankster. Ok, I admit I came up with this one as I’m running out of ideas, but it’s kinda true. I like someone who I can be mischeivous with; someone who will be excited to pull a prank on somebody, and sometimes, go to certain lengths to prank someone, just for the heck of it. ;)


I decided to list 5, because that’s all I can think of at the moment.  =p

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