The 7 Questions That Tell You Who You Are

Another sort-of pondering post. I found this article by accident on Thought Catalog, and as I was browsing through the other topics, I found that the site had a lot of good topics to make you think, and some, humorous.

I wanted to blog about this because I wanted to pen my own answers, then… I dunno, maybe go through my answers and see if there are any subtle hidden meaning lying in any of them? 

So… the 7 questions are:


  1. What would you do with your life if you didn’t have to pay the bills?
  2. What cuts you the deepest?
  3. If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?
  4. Who do you love and why do you love them?
  5. What do you quote?
  6. In those rare but life-changing moments, how do you act?
  7. What do you think about most?


Ok, so I’ll go through them one by one:


What would you do with your life if you didn’t have to pay the bills?

Hmm. That’s a very tempting thought. Years before, I thought I had to control what I bought myself, otherwise I wouldn’t have any money. But now, having to pay for so many other expenses, it’s like… having VERY tight financial status is a given. I used to feel lazy to go to work before, but now, I welcome it, because I know that with work, comes pay, and with pay, comes the ability to settle all my bills.

I didn’t place that much of a high importance in money a few years back. But now, I struggle to get through the month. 

So… if I didn’t have to pay bills, I’d probably splurge on books and leotards. They’re my drugs. I could go for dance courses, and not have to make the difficult decision on which I should and should not go, because it would leave a huge hole in my wallet. I’d have probably taken up more dance classes.



What cuts you the deepest?

If you think I’m gonna write something about love and relationships, then I don’t think you know me too well.  I’ve always believed that boyfriends come and go; even husbands go astray sometimes. Friends and family are most important to me, so what hurts the most is when I’m either accused of doing something that they should know I’d never intentionally do, or when they say things like they think I have not been trying, or not doing it ‘well enough’.

Because if you really knew me, you’d know that if I chose to do something, I’d do it properly, otherwise, I wouldn’t do it at all. I would never willingly do something that I didn’t have the heart in. Neither would I ‘simply do’ something, unless I’m really in a rush and with cut-throat deadlines. Just because I’m ‘slow’ at catching up, doesn’t mean I’m not making an effort.

For me, statements like that from peers (friends) or family hurt the most, because they should know that that wasn’t how it was at all. I don’t give a rat’s ass if someone I didn’t know said that to me, and I don’t really blame them because, well, they don’t know me. But it cuts bad when someone who does know me, make that statement. I’d feel betrayed. Worse still, if someone was accusing me of that, and a friend or family didn’t even back me up.

It hurts. More than I’ll ever let in, and more than you’ll ever know.



If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

Get on the next plane to Korea, and go see 2PM personally. Or more specifically, TaecyeonI’m serious. lol

I’ve had the hugest crush on this man for the longest time, and some form of personal interaction with him would make me die happy. xD


(Oh, were you expecting more? No, I really am serious. I wanna go see Taecyeon. xD  )


Who do you love and why do you love them?

There are a few people whom I love differently. It’s a different kind of love (friend, family, etc), and it would be hard to just choose ONE.



What do you quote?


Do unto others as you would have done unto you.


I have been living by that quote ever since I could remember. Could be because of the way I was treated when I was younger, could be not. But either way, I feel that it’s very important to treat others how you would like to be treated; that way you’d know how it felt like if you did something to other people.

But… A very rare few actually practise this, do they? =/



In those rare but life-changing moments, how do you act?

It’s hard to say. But as I’ve learnt in the movie Unbeatable, planning how to react is one thing, but when the moment actually happens, you won’t have time to lay out everything you’ve planned in the spur of the moment. If it’s a good opportunity, I’d seize it, of course.



What do you think about most?

To be completely and a 100% honest, the thing I think about the most is when will I be able to finish paying my student loan.   It’s really bringing me down financially, and I want nothing more than to finish paying it and get it settled once and for all.

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