30 Day Challenge about You – Day 30: WHY DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF?

Let’s face it: what’s not to love about yourself?? 

Sure, there are things we definitely could use improvement on, (e.g less-than-fit body, eyesight, financial status, etc ) but we gotta look at the more positive side to our life, no? ;)

Soooooo… why do I love myself?


1. I am understanding. xD

Without blowing my own horn, I feel that I’m understanding in the sense that when people critique me, I don’t go all Chris Brown on them and get mad and feel like smacking a bitch. As angry/unsatisfied as I am on the inside about a comment, I will think about it when I fee less angry/pissed, to see where the other is coming from. Also, relationship-wise, I’m glad I ain’t no Overly Obsessed Girlfriend.


2. I am honest.

I have learnt not to spew honest comments at just about anyone, because I learnt that not everyone can take it; although I had their best interests at heart.  BUT, if someone had asked me to be honest, I will. If it’s something not too great, I will try to explain it in a way that they would best understand, because not everyone takes critiques the same way.

*mumbles* I just wish SOME PEOPLE would think the same way… myformerbosscoughcough 


3. I Don’t Judge Someone Based On What Others Have Said.

Let’s be honest here. As much as we vehemently try to claim that we don’t judge books by their covers, we tend to form some sort of perception about a person the first time we meet them; that’s why first impressions are important! And naturally, we tend to tell others about that perception.

And this is where I like to prove people wrong. Especially in dance. When a teacher tells me that a student is slow or if I find that that particular student is not a favourite of the teacher, I like to try and teach her (the student) in a different way; explaining it to them in a different way while correcting their body to show what I mean, and acknowledging them trying their best, e.g telling them it’s much better than before.

These little encouragements goes a long way, as I have heard from others (some tell me personally after, too) that they have that little bit more confidence, after being the ‘black sheep’ all this while. And it feels really nice because I love the feeling you get when people tell you that you’ve inspired them in some way.


These are the three main reasons why I love myself; values that I myself treasure, and therefore try my best to apply it to everyone. There are more, I’m sure, that I can’t seem to be able to think of at the moment. But I’ll make do with these three.


What about the rest of you? What do you love about yourself?  


And WOOHOO~ here’s to completing the 30-Day Challenge!!  


I know it’s waaaaay past 30 days (ehehe~~ ), but heck, I completed it! xD


If you want to see the complete list, you can go here.

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