Rehanah’s Wedding, & A Little ‘Old-Times’ Get-Together.

My blog has been abandoned for… what, a month now? 

And yes, it’s due to the same ol’ reason: no topic to blog about.  


But I think this is a good topic to finally blog about though; one of my best friends got married!! 



It wouldn’t have been that much of a big deal, had it not been the fact that in our little group of friends, she was one of the last ones to even get a boyfriend. (Me not included; I’m exceptional. I’ve always said that I had been born with IBR = Incurable Boy Repellent.  ) While the others in our group of friends started getting boyfriends, Ray (that’s what we call her) only still had her crushes.


We stopped seeing each other as often when she went to KL, but occasionally when she got back, we’d hang out. She’d tell hilarious stories of her lecturers at her uni, and the stuff she and her friends got up to. (I used to love the funny signs  on the streets and in her uni that she took pictures of; too bad she doesn’t really do that no more. =/ )


Anyways on my birthday (which was just 2 days before hers), she greeted me with some VERY surprising news: she was engaged, and would be getting married the following month!

I remember I had been lying on my bed being lazy when her text came in, and I immediately shot up into sitting position and reread her text. (And literally looked like this: )


It came as a huge surprise. And for a moment, I thought it was some kind of prank. She said she posted it on Facebook AGES ago, and I immediately went to check.

She had posted it in July. 


And of course, I knew then and there that I was going for her wedding; regardless of what plans I might have; that I’d have to plan it around her wedding.

I had no idea who from our old schooling days were gonna show up, and how different they were gonna look.

But I definitely wasn’t expecting her mother and sister, Sabariah, to remember who I was, let alone my name. 


On the big day, I fetched Ann. I sorta remembered the area her house was in, but like Ann said, just look for the crowd.  And we didn’t even have to break a sweat as we spotted the crowd of cars almost immediately as we reached the area.



I was first greeted by her mom who called me by my name. She informed us that Ray would just about be done getting ready, and told us to go ahead and help ourselves with the food. We decided to just go with the refreshments first while waiting, and Moonah came shortly after.


Maimunah, Ann & me


After a while, we realised that Ray wouldn’t be done anytime soon, so we went on ahead with the food. It wasn’t until I was finished and both of them about halfway through theirs that both the bride and groom arrived, with the sound of the kompangs. Moonah thought they were just rehearsing at first.  xD

But then the kompang got louder, and crowd at the entrance of the tent increased. Then we caught glimpse of the Ray and her husband. I only managed to see her back, but I already knew she looked gorgeous. I think it was only then as we caught a glimpse of her that the complete reality sunk in: Rehanah was getting married. As of today, she would officially be a wife.

Since then we kept gushing about her and started talking about those good ol’ schooling days. Shortly after, Wahidah & Reena joined. I haven’t seen both girls (in person, that is) since 6th grade, which is about… 13 years. Wow.


Moonah, me, Ann & Wahidah

Reena, Moonah, me & Ann


When we went to see her at her table, we couldn’t approach past a certain distance. And that was the first time we saw her up close, and we were right; she was beautiful. She looked like one of those Arabian princesses.

It wasn’t long before we realised that she had only invited her close friends for the wedding, too. As we didn’t want to disturb them eating with their families, we returned to a table at the tent and started talking. She also said she would come out and see us after she ate.

At about 3.30, (the whole thing was supposed to end at 4pm) we realised that she was probably real busy and wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon (if at all). So we went to her porch, and people were welcoming us to take photos with the bride & groom where they sat bersanding. It was also then that a cameraman caught us and asked us to do a short video greeting for her. I dunno if everyone else of the guests did it, or just because we had looked ‘multiracial’, (Chinese, Indian and Malay) but awkwardly, we did. Not because we didn’t want to, but because neither of us were very good in front of the camera when put on the spot. 


After that we went in, and on their TV was a slideshow of Ray throughout the years. We got caught up for a while, before Ray herself called us over. We all hugged her, and spoke to her a while before taking pictures with her and her ‘husband’. Needless to say, we also asked the cameraman to help us take pictures with our own devices as well.



I wished we could have taken more pictures with Ray, but I also understand that she’s super busy, and has been up and about since morning. I could imagine how tiring it must be.

If you’ve seen my picspam posts, you’ll know that I love taking loads of pics at events.

Actually, I love taking photos of me and my friends, period.  xD


Anyways, to my dear BogaBoga Nantaboga… (‘Nantaboga’ is a Dragon from Java and Indonesia who rules over the underworld; we gave each other the name at a high school tuition centre)



(it’s supposed to be a dragon, trust me.)


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  1. That is wonderful news for your friend and it was really interesting to read about your time there. She did look really lovely (and you all did!). :D

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