When Life Gives You Lemons…

I meant to type this up yesterday, but I got sidetrack and completely occupied with this:


P/S: I saw the whole movie last night, and I swear… I lost it the moment I heard Benedict’s voice in his first appearance in the movie…


And then I saw THIS video:

And flipped the fuck out.

I couldn’t take it.

That’s TWO of my favourite men in ovary-bursting scenes.

It was too much for one night, JESUS.   O_O weee



This will be a short one because I sort of learnt something yesterday.


My whole life I had been accused of ‘not doing my best‘ when I had in fact slaved over it (regardless of whatever the task). I do admit that I’m slow at catching up on stuff; I’ve said it out loud many times before. I also realise that when I’m in a hurry, I tend to overlook things. That, too, I’ve admitted aloud countless times.

But I’ve realised that not everybody will be patient about it.

Not everybody will be willing to teach you; and to explain patiently. Sometimes, they treat you as if you’re trash, but be completely understanding towards another person similar to you. I guess one has to accept that maybe there’s just something in you that the other person doesn’t like.

When someone asks you a question and you give them your honest answer, not everybody will immediately take your word for it and believe you (thank you for never doubting my answers, Simon… I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know); in fact, they may suspect otherwise of you and contradict you.

Sometimes, you may feel that you’ve put in blood, sweat, and tears into something; only for others to throw it back in your face and tell you it’s utter crap. Someone else may put in half the effort you have into it, yet get the highest commend for it.

Everybody’s different, I know.

Some have to give it all they’ve got for something another person may do effortlessly.


But that doesn’t give the right to the authorities (and I don’t just mean government-kind of authorities; I’m referring to anyone of higher rank in something, really) to slam someone down and claim that they were not doing their best; that they’re slacking and not taking it seriously.

It is this very comment that discourages people and makes them give up. Who knows, with the right kind of encouragement, they just might blossom?

Yes, I know because I’ve been through that more times than I can count. It’s heartbreaking and very discouraging when you feel like you’ve done everything in your power to please the authorities; yet they scream and gossip and throw your work back at you and literally tear you apart for ‘not taking it seriously‘ and ‘not making an effort‘… it brings your spirit down.

Which is why whenever I have to teach something to someone who is perhaps like me; a little slow, but meaning well; as long as they mean well… I will patiently teach them. I will try my best to put it in a way that they would best absorb; just because I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of ruthless, impatient, and unforgiving authorities.


But I have learnt something from it.

As they say, life is unfair. And it’s true.

You can’t expect everyone to understand where you come from. You can’t expect everyone to see the fact that you have, in fact, been working your ass off for something. People WILL discriminate you. They will falsely accuse you and spread untrue, (sometimes horrible) rumours about you.



And there’s nothing you can do about it.


What you can do, though, is continue doing your very best, and don’t give up. And if people can’t see that, keep your chin up, and fuck them.

One day, someone will see through your efforts, and guide you the right way.

And you will blossom beautifully.


And when you do, there will come a time when you will cross paths with your previous authorities once again.

When that time comes, no words need be exchanged.

Just look at them, smile, and thank them for never having faith in you. It is because of them that you managed to weed out the baddies and find that one believer; one that saw your hidden potential and never berated you because you were not ‘like the others’.

Show them what they’ve missed; and never, ever, let the authority of something get to your head.

Stay humble. Practise humility.


Never forget where you came from and how; and always remember the people who held your hand and stood with you when you when nobody else would.  

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