What I learnt this Valentines Day.

I’ll admit; this year is my first Valentine’s alone in 4 years. But I will not dwell on that.


My best friend, of course, knows this, and when the clock struck 12am, she called me to wish me. We talked a while, and she told me she would be coming down somewhere next month and that she’d like to stay over at my place.

Now, she’s known me for.. what, 17 years? So obviously she knows that I can be a rather messy person. I told her straight up honestly that I thought that my room was not in a very hospitable state, and it embarrassingly wouldn’t be appropriate to have her over in that state.

I could literally hear her eyebrows raised and eyes narrowing at my comment. Then she said, (Indian accent and all)

“Deii, you’ve always been that person since I knew you. Your room has always been in that state, but that’s what makes you, you. I don’t care about all that lah, I just want to spend time with you like we used to when we slept over. I don’t give a damn how your room looks like.”

I was very touched when she said that.

Make no mistake; of course I was going to clean up when she confirmed her date of stay, but it was the way she said it.


It was a nice bring-me-back-to-earth moment as I am reminded (not that I needed to, but you get the picture) of the reason she was my best friend; the reason why, as un-cliche as it sounds, that we rarely fight.

I’m completely serious. I can’t remember for the life of me when was the last time we fought. Back when we were in primary school, perhaps, and even then I knew that it never lasted for more than 2 days.

What she said also made me reminisce a little. I’ve changed so much since our innocent primary school days. Years ago, had she said the same line, I wouldn’t have thought too much about it. But lately I’ve been exposed to so much treachery; so much betrayal, that my opinions about friends has somewhat greatly altered.

That simple sentence, uttered by my best friend, reminded me of how differently I’ve come to see friendships now; or rather, how much faith I had lost in them; which is very unfortunate. I used to treasure every friend that was nice to me, and would do great favours for them in return for their niceness… but I’ve seen how cruel the world can be, and that in turn made me a very cautious, reserved person so as not to repeat my past mistakes in which my favours were, very frequently, taken for granted.

So I would just like to use this post to thank my best friend, Dona Ann Sophia Welmelaga, for never changing.  Don’t ever change the way you are, darling. Thank you for being the person I can go to whenever I want to remember how it felt like when friendships are cherished and appreciated wholeheartedly; unaffected by declining moral values of today’s world.

It’s nice to know that despite all the brouhaha and distrust going on in my life, I’m still appreciated and accepted and loved for who I am; even if it means being appreciated and accepted by only one.

Thank you, babe, for doing more than just wishing me a Happy Valentine’s. You restored whatever little faith I had in friendships. <3


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