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The Precious, Limited, & Sacred Thing Called Life.

I think I actually realized this in 2010 when I wrote this post in my dance blog, but, it seems, I am reminded again of it tonight.


Tonight, I visited someone whom, months before, had been up and about, healthy and exercising to the likes of Zumba and such. Tonight, as I visited her with a friend at the hospital, her skin was a yellowish texture; she had jaundice. There was growth in her liver, and she couldn’t utter more than 2 sentences without having to pause to heave a deep breath.

It was like deja-vu.

I didn’t really know her (she was a ballet teacher; there’s only 2 in Kuantan, with my late teacher Gino being the other one; now it’s her and Lika), though she knew me by name, but… I didn’t really feel anything back when we were at the hospital; maybe due to the fact that I hadn’t really known her to begin with. But still, it does effect me in some way; knowing how a life can be so drastically changed in the snap of a finger.


It reminded me of how fragile life is; how people tend to take it for granted until they’re dealt with a blow. How, despite almost everyone agrees to live life to the fullest, chances are, while they might truly believe that statement, they don’t actually do it, really.



So often do we think that it won’t happen to us.

Truth is, though, it could.


And if it does, what immediately comes to mind?


“I wish I had/hadn’t done that.”

“I wish I had told him/her this”

“I should have…..”


But what use would it be then?


What happened tonight was a sharp reminder to myself; almost as if the universe was asking me, are you happy with your current life? Do you have anything that you need to say or do before it’s too late?

Do it now. Don’t wait.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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