So I saw this TED video today:



And I admit I got a little emotional.


Logan’s right.

I know, you probably think that agreeing with a 13-year old is not such a good idea. But watch what he has to say.

And sure, of course I do know that you can’t make a living out of merely ‘being happy’. ‘Being happy’ does not pay the bills.



For a long time when I was younger, I had somehow always wanted to be a teacher. I dunno why. It was never a specific kind of teacher though.

Then when I entered my teenage years, I wanted to become an actress. An air stewardess. But both ambitions were shot down by my family (my mother, especially, who seemed to find fault in ANY of my ambitions). I wanted to take a course in Performing Arts in college at a town a few hours away from where I live; and of course, that too was shot down by my mum who said I ‘was not independent enough’, and that ‘people would cheat me’. So I was forced to sign up for a course that I hadn’t really liked. I remembered crying as I was forced to fill in the application form to a college I had no interest in, applying for a subject I really couldn’t care less for.

Well.. long story short, I survived the 3 1/2 years, and even got a rather good GPA.

Then I went to university. My parents still thought of performing arts as phooey, and that I wouldn’t be able to make a living in this country. So I applied for the next best thing I thought I’d like: Journalism, because I had been working part time at one of the local newspapers for almost a year. And I made sure it was far from home, because I couldn’t take it anymore.

I ended up getting the course at a university 6 HOURS from where I live.

I made some great friends there and had some amazing times. I loved the company, but I soon realized that as much as I enjoyed working as a journalist, the course wasn’t really for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I did learn loads about journalism; my favourite being Photojournalism. But I realized that that I was literally slaving through 2 years, looking forward to classes where I could meet my friends but dreading the workload that came with it. And when you have to slave that hard for something you’re just not really interested in, it takes a huge toll on ya mentally. Also, I came across people who abused their power on the ‘weaker ones; me included. ’nuff said.

So again, I was not happy.


Not too long after I was done with uni, I got a job in a line that was the complete opposite of what I’ve learned in college and uni. Basically almost same situation.

Also, I happened to read The Magic by Rhonda Byrne sometime then and learnt how to be thankful. Since then, it’s all I ever try to do. (Read about my experience with The Magic here)

Needless to say, I quit said job above, and I’m now back to the journalism job I had back when I was in college.

And I’m loving it.

I have probably THE best boss I could hope to have, who is understanding, a no-bullshit kinda person (so he calls you out on your mistakes at your face- privately, and not go gossiping about you behind your back) and best of all, he TRUSTS me; trust, which I find is so difficult to come by nowadays.

Now, look at it this way.

I admit that my current job is not paying as much as my previous job did.


My last job, which was paying me just a few hundreds more, worked me out to no end, stressed me out, and had me working more hours than the usual 9-5, and sometimes, even during the weekends.

My current job lets me go places (actually, my previous one kinda does too), opens me up to more opportunities, and I work at less than half the stress level I did at my previous job, which makes me more eager and enthusiastic to do my work.

For just a few hundreds lesser, which job would you rather do?

I do admit that with this job, I sometimes find myself having JUST enough to get by the month, while my previous job always left me some extras in the bank. But I DO get by.

Also, if you’ve read this post, you will understand why being happy is so important to me.

So sue me for having my main goal in life be happy.

So what if, at age 26, I still haven’t permanently settled in one job, and still am always keeping my options open for other jobs that will lead to my ideal job?

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