World Honesty Day 2014

SO….! (*cracks knuckles*)

Yes, I know that technically World Honesty Day was yesterday, but I never got to finishing this post yesterday because I had been busy. But anyway.

In conjunction with World Honesty Day, I’ve decided to list a few honest things about myself. I’ve decided to do that instead of writing what I think about stuff because I do realise and am aware that not everyone can take it; and I don’t want to risk anyone misunderstanding my post and then blaming it on me, which has happened one time too many.

I should probably still warn, though, that although this post will be honest facts about me, sensitive people should refrain from reading this post, as there may be some triggering stuff. And NO, I’m not referring to references about anorexia, suicide, cutting, or anything of that sort. While I HAVE gone through that thought process/phase, none of it triggers me. I’m referring to sentences or descriptions that may trigger some people to take offense that what I’m saying refers to them.


SOOOOOOO…. Before we begin, I’ll bet that there are some people still reading. So to take extra precaution and to ensure the safety of those mentioned above, read the lines in the picture below:


If you’re still here after reading it, CONGRATULATIONS! You are not a demon and therefore the exorcism ritual above does not affect you. =B

╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

(exorcism rite credit to the Winchester brothers and Castiel (not really, but still), who I find incredibly attractive. )


Ok, so let’s begin… the list of Honest Things About Me:


1. Virgos are “clean freaks.” 


I’m an embarrassment to Virgos everywhere, I tell ya. I’m horribly messy, and will willingly admit so if anyone asks. I actually have no problem organizing my stuff, but I realize that once something gets out of place or I run out of places to put something, it just piles up from there. 

Even my writing can get horrible especially when I’m in a rush, which is why I prefer to organize my documents in the computer, where I can arrange them to be neat and tidy. But make no mistake, I LOVE writing; just not when I have to rush to jot everything down.



But I wasn’t born sarcastic.

It was a ‘skill’ that was honed through my younger sister; her sarcasm knows no bounds. We grew to love it, though, and sarcastic jokes have become our main form of joke. It has even become a form of ‘bonding’ for us.

As you might imagine, not everyone thinks fondly of sarcastic jokes as we do. Some take immediate offense in it (and you WILL know about it) , but the dangerous ones are the ones that take offense but won’t tell you; they just distance themselves from you.

BUT, I feel that I have to clear one thing up: If I’m sarcastic towards you, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like you. Quite the contrary, actually. I don’t get sarcastic with just about anyone due to the easily misinterpreted situation I mentioned. So if I’m sarcastic towards you, it is in fact a positive gesture; meaning that I think of you as a close enough friend to unleash my sarcasm/form of bonding and trust that you wouldn’t take offense in it. 

So it’s a compliment, really!


3. My life revolves around the belief of Karma.

And I can bet that I’m not the only one. ;)

I used to think of revenge as the anecdote to mistreating (not necessarily towards me), but then I found out that the people who had done the mistreating, had received bad fortune in some way not long after. It doesn’t have to be something big; it varies from… say, having little accidents in the workplace, or getting in trouble with their lecturers or parents.  Since then, I notice that I don’t get worked up as easily as before; knowing that whoever it is would get their karma in due time. 


4.” Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

It somewhat relates to the previous one.

I really, really believe in treating others the way you would want to be treated, so it really gets on my nerve when someone treats people like shit, and then complain when they get treated like shit. To be completely honest, I think you deserve every bit of  it.

I also believe that everyone and every living thing deserves to be treated with respect and kindness.

I’m not trying to sound like a hippie, I swear. But it’s true.


5. I feel very bitter about relationships/ I have trust issues.

And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I’ve had several relationships in my life, and literally 9/10 of them left me bitter. I’ve now lost trust in the ‘sweet nothings’  that guys so often promise at the beginning of relationships, because I’ve seen these ‘promises’ and ‘declarations’ evaporate within months of a relationship.

The efforts put in at the courting process also dissolves, and once they’ve cinched you, their efforts to woo you eventually and steadily decrease, too. And I’m not talking years at all; it all happens within months. So when a guy buys me gifts or does nice things for me, I mentally keep track of how long it will last; and sure enough, it all decreases within months of me agreeing to be their girlfriend.

So yeah. In the early stages whenever anyone or both in a pair declares how much they love the other, I’ll keep a mental note to get back to them in a year or two (it doesn’t even have to be YEARS), see if the same enthusiastic-ness is still there.

Also, I’ve been cheated on several times.

And just so we’re clear, my definition of ‘cheating’ takes all sorts of forms, not just physically. Flirtatious texts, and ‘innocent’ little meet-ups are considered cheating too. I even have the black-and-white proof (literally, I’m not even kidding) of my recent ex’s triads, currently kept quiet; to use only when I have to or if pushed to the limits.

In fact, I have a whole folder full of screenshots of statements made by other people so they can’t use their words against me. ✌(◕‿-)✌ I’ve been framed one time too many and am determined not to have it happen ever again if I can help it.

So I guess you could say that I’m a very dangerous person once you cross me; though I may not look like it from the outside.


6. I believe in chivalry; but I could be saying I believe in dinosaurs, for all it’s worth.

Because based on my experiences, chivalry is as good as dead/extinct. 

I find myself pining over the Victorian/ Old English era; where the men were gentlemen and romanticists. I constantly say that I feel as if I was born into the wrong era and country, because chivalrous men are scarce here; and the ones who are, are often already married/taken.


7. I absolutely can’t stand people who constantly feel sorry for themselves.

Also known as: Attention Seekers.

They will intensify every little drama in their life, and tell all who would listen about their sad predicament. They want pity and attention from everybody, and will not stop yapping until someone agrees with them. If someone does not give them the attention they desire or call them out on it, they will keep turning the story until the person agrees with them and sympathizes.

I say, stop sitting on your damn behind and feeling sorry for yourself, and actually do something about it. Embarrassingly and unfortunately, I admit that I was one of those people before. It took a bad breakup for me to start going really harsh on myself and snap my thinking from going that way.



EDIT: Added a #7. How could I forget the last one??



Uhh.. I think that’s it. At least at the safe level before it gets too boring. =p

So.. right. I’ll just leave you be now. ;p

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