Here’s the thing I learnt about perspective; it always has one basis, and many different opinions.

Allow me to explain in my usual long rant.


P/S: This is literally the warning label for what’s about to come. And yes, my two cents will be in it. I realise that I have to put one up (a warning label, that is) any time I serve my opinion to the table because otherwise, one way or another, I’ll find out that some have got their knickers in a twist and took offense in something I wrote; although I wasn’t pin-pointing anybody in particular, much less the one who took offense.


Hmm. Maybe I should even create a picture or something with these warnings so every time I post up an opinion-based post, I can just attach that picture and not have to write the warnings all over again.  photo 2.gif


Oh yeah, also another forewarning: EXPLICIT CONTENT AHEAD.

There will be cussing and usage of ‘big-girl/big-boy words’ in this post.


So yeah. There’s your warning. Make of it what you will.


Ever since my sister could talk, I’ve always known her to be a sarcastic one with no verbal filter.  She would say anything and everything to your face, especially the bad points. And being the insecure, timid little person I was, I hated it. I took every negative comment she had about me to heart, which resulted in me having major self-esteem issues (encouraged by my mother too).

In fact, I still have self-esteem issues today. I’m just a little better at hiding it; taking it in stride and being able to laugh at myself. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever get over my self esteem issue. Sure, I have a way more positive attitude than I ever did before, but I’ll always be very self-conscious, especially regarding body image.

Anyhow, of course, as we grew up, I learnt to take my sister’s criticisms (or rather, as I found out later on, her constructive criticism) in stride, and try my best to find out why she looked at me the way she did. As a result, I’d like to think that I’ve grown to be more… neutral, per se, towards criticisms. You could call me ‘stupid’ or a ‘bitch’  and I’d have a straight face on and wouldn’t even do all that dramatic gasp thing and go all ‘I beg your pardon?? photo 27.gif.

Unintentionally, my sister had taught me to take criticisms and not be a pussy about it, basically.


Before I go on, allow me to make one thing very clear: while I do take criticisms with a pinch of salt, I do not, however, tolerate blind accusations/assumptions.


As the years went on and I ventured into ‘the real world‘, as some people like to call it, I realised just how important the acceptance of constructive criticism was. It was also then that I realised how much I preferred to be told to my face that I’m a huge jackass, rather than unintentionally finding out that I’m a huge jackass from someone (or something, if you get my drift) else.

If you’re a mere stranger spreading that about me behind my back, I wouldn’t even waste my anger on you; because you don’t know jack shit about me, and therefore should be forgiven for spreading false news about me because HEY, you don’t know me! 

The exact opposite can be said otherwise, though.


And as a result from that, I began being more blunt towards others. It was a move to which had my purest intentions: to be honest to people and have them hear whatever it is straight from me, and not have them find out unintentionally from others like I have, and not liked.

Needless to say, I also got a fair amount of hate for that. Ironically, I found out from others that I was ‘being a show-off‘, and ‘trying to act smart‘, amongst other comments.

Of course, initially, I felt offended that my act, in which intentions had been nothing but good, were taken to such extremities. It was also then that I learnt that life isn’t fair, and that I needed to suck it up and not be a little bitch about it. ;) 


Now, I still do tell everyone to be completely honest with me. If I’ve been an ass to your face, let me know. Chances are, I did it unintentionally. Unless you were an ass to me yourself, in which case chances are, it was intentional and meant to make you butthurt. xD

Come on now, I asked you to be honest with me. And if I’ve constantly said that, I think that pretty much means that I will take your honesty in stride and not get butthurt by it.

On the other hand, I’m more careful with who I’m blunt with. I’ve learnt that not everyone is ready to hear what other people think of them, nor are they willing to accept constructive criticism. And I should not judge them; just like I never judge all the underdogs, rebels, and outcasts, because lets face it: I’m an outcast myself.


And to end this, I’ve decided to make a warning label for all my opinionated posts! I figured that there definitely will be more to come, so why not, like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, make a sign to warn people instead of just type it out every time? ;)

So from now on, in every opinionated post, you will see this sign:



What do y’all think? ;D

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