Have Faith.

I’m not religious, per se, but I DO believe that the reason why what I want isn’t quite happening for me yet is because it is not yet my time.
I have to trust that there is a reason for everything that’s happening to me, though I may not always know or understand what it is. I have to learn to be assured that some things may take time to manifest; that I have to be patient in the wait, because when they finally do, it will be good.

Thanks also to a certain someone (I will not mention names here, but you know who you are ) who constantly reminds me that I DESERVE the best. I admit that I haven’t always been positive about myself (I have trouble accepting that I don’t deserve anything but the best, due to what I’ve been led to believe for YEARS), so the fact that someone thinks that I deserve it means a lot to me.

Also, to those who believe in me, thank you. Not many do, so know that I immensely appreciate those of you who do

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7 Replies to “Have Faith.”

  1. I’ve grown up in a family that converted from non-religious to sincere Jesus fanatics (though my eldest brother and I are the odd ones out for our own individual reasons), so I relate to this kind of sentiment. And it’s hard trying to tell yourself that you deserve the world, I know, but it’s a great thing for you that someone supports you wholeheartedly! Keep rocking on, you do deserve the best! :)

  2. I think you touch on a subject that is universal. Wanting something so bad to happen, is something everyone can relate to. For example, I remember wanting to move to Germany, I was accepted to a master’s program. I was so exited to go. Then I was in a horrible car accident and I was not able to go. I was so upset and angry. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go. I thought life was unfair. However, the night scheduled for my flight, I met my ex-boyfriend. He helped me grow so much as a person and really understand who I am. I am not saying that I would not come to understand who I am eventually, but Germany was not in my cards. Life decided it was more important I grow as a person versus my intellect.
    Sorry for such a long example, but it’s true everything happens in its on time. I know waiting sucks, but it’s worth it!!

  3. I’m running through a bad patch in life at the moment and trying to sort it all out. Talking to people really does help and free up you mind and questions. I’ve been told myself that things happen for a reason and maybe it’s to help you open new doors so just stay positive and cheerful! Happy days are on it’s way!

    Amy x

  4. It starts with a lot of self-confidence & self-image. Thinking that you don’t deserve the best even though you’re an awesome person & you have friends or family that love you so much it hurts, you will treat yourself as less than awesome & surround yourself with shitty people. Don’t do that. Always surround yourself with people that are ambitious or push you think beyond your own reality. Surround yourself with people that inspire you! So, you deserve what you think you deserve. You have to love yourself! Don’t settle for anything that you don’t think you deserve. For the longest time I kept telling myself that I was an idiot & everything was just too overwhelming or school was too hard & I would never get good grades blah blah blah & I fulfilled my own doubtful downgrading self-prophecy. It made me really really depressed & all I wanted to do all day, everyday was cry about it. Took me a while, but I looked at myself hard in the mirror & reaffirmed what I already knew: I’m smart. I’m capable. I’m a hard-worker. I’m witty, intelligent, passionate, & damn well competent enough to get good grades.

    This applies to you too. Just skimming down your blog I saw that you were once in a very dark place in your life. Depression is a mental illness that cannot be cured with rainbows, hugs, & kisses, but they can’t hurt either. The point is, you’re still healing from all of that & it’s time you too looked hard in the mirror & tell yourself that you’re X, Y, Z & it’s not about you not being ready for something to happen because it’s “not your time,” it’s because life doesn’t work out like a simple equation. It’s complicated, it’s complex, things throw your plans off, people die, people are born, diseases happen, etc, but you have to learn to deal with it. Be proactive. Don’t just wait around for something good to happen to you, go out there & get it. If you don’t want to be proactive about it, maybe you’re not ready for it as you’ve stated, maybe it scares you, but if you need this thing or want it really bad, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out & try your best to obtain it. This is so vague so I have no idea what you’re really talking about, but I hope my vague response is relatable.

    Patience is important too, but remember that whether it’s a job, education, or whatever, you gotta put yourself out there. Don’t wait for greatness to happen to you, get out there & be proactive about it.

    1. This is probably one of the best advice anyone has given me. <3 Thanks a bunch Tiffany!
      I definitely know that I need to surround myself with positive people more often, but at the moment, FINDING those positive people are a bit of a challenge currently. But I'll take what you said to heart. Thanks again! <3<3

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