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I’m back… sort of?

I’ve been MIA from this blog for so long, I know, and I’ve been meaning to find topics to write about, but I just couldn’t come across one that I found worth to write about. Either that, or when I thought I’ve got something to write about, the ‘inspiration’ and ‘oomph’ goes away after a while, and the interest is no longer there.

But I think I’ve got one now. I think.


Funny how thoughts come to me at the weirdest times, at the randomest moments, and triggered by the simplest things.


Before I go on, I should warn that although the following movie has been out for a while, this post will contain spoilers from Maleficent, for those who haven’t seen it for some reason and don’t wanna know about it just yet, you might not wanna read this entry. HEADS UP Y’ALL.


I watched Maleficent again tonight. The first time I watched it, the only part I remember that had really affected me was when Maleficent was talking to Aurora when she was in her ‘deep sleep’ after pricking her finger. Yeah it’s expected and yeah it’s a tiny bit cliche, but still.. it hit a chord with me for some reason.


This time around though, the thing that jumped out to me the most was about true love.

I daresay I even got a little philosophical while watching it this time around. At the beginning, Maleficent and Stefan were all lovey-dovey and sweet.  Then he went and cut her wings. (although I know he probably meant well at that time; probably cut off her wings to mislead the King into thinking that Maleficent was dead and to prevent harm to her.)

At the moment that scene played, I scoffed silently, “MEN“. I even related Stefan cutting out her wings to men cutting out (figuratively, of course) women’s hearts, a.k.a breaking their hearts/cutting off their ‘wings’. I began to think about how most of the time, (not saying all the time, and I’m not being sexist here) it is men who are going around breaking girls’ hearts. And the thing is, they haven’t the slightest clue how badly that affects us girls.


After that incident, Maleficent no longer believed in true love. When Diaval told her that that was what she believed and not Aurora, it got me thinking. Do I believe in true love?


I knew the answer, of course. But that was made from pure feels; a spur-of-the-moment kinda thing. If I happened to be in really good spirits, I’d say that true love did exist, and that it was somewhere out there. If I happened to be in a bad mood, am upset, or am just feeling shitty, the answer would be a resounding NO.

But if I were to answer logically, sanely, and completely honestly, I’d say that I’m afraid to; and for a good (well, I think so, anyway! =p ) reason.

There were several times in past relationships where I thought it was true love; only, of course, to be proven very, very wrong. Promises of a better relationship than my previous ones proved false, and if possible, hurt even more than the last.

Make no mistake though; my idea of ‘true love’ does not include being a damsel in distress and waiting for my Knight in shining armour to come rescue me.

No. More often than not, my idea of a true love means someone who is willing to fight for the ‘us’ in the relationship, even when things are shitty. I’ve had long distance relationships as well, and at our first separation away from each other, there’s always the promise of staying loyal and the vow to keep in touch often.

Of course, it almost always flies out the window with the guy cheating on me mere months into it. (I should also probably clarify here that my definition of ‘cheating’ is not just physical. If someone is texting lovey messages to another girl, or is sending her lovey emoticons, I count that as cheating as well. You don’t have to go kissing someone or having sex with them to only consider that as cheating.)

Of course, that leaves me heartbroken and a sobbing mess. And it adds another nail to my coffin, as if to prove to me that men are assholes. I always end up trusting, and then the person ends up cheating. It has ALWAYS been the case. So much for staying loyal, eh?


So do I believe in true love? Well, let’s just say I’m still waiting for that one person who will prove to me in the long run that not all men are assholes and cheaters. I’m still waiting for that one person to prove to me that regardless of long or short distance relationships, it can work and that men can be loyal to one. Sure, it’s easy to be ‘loyal’ in the beginning of a relationship when everything is new. But in the long run?

Only real men stay faithful both physically, emotionally and mentally.

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  • Kya

    It is a great movie that shows the different ways that love can be felt as well. Sometimes the greatest bonds are not just those between partners, but by any person that means a great amount to you and will love you wholeheartedly without any question.

    I do hope that you can find a partner in your life that you are really compatible with and can be happy. :D

    • Krystle

      Thanks Kya! <3
      Yeah I was quite pleasantly surprised when 'true love' came in the form of Maleficent, not the typical cliched prince. ^^
      How are you btw? Haven't heard from you in ages! *slobbers love all over you*

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