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To Forget Everything and Just BE.

I came across this article today in the Elephant Journal. And though I haven’t read a single book from Paulo Coelho (and I WILL, I swear…), I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews of his books. And I just may have found the book that will start it: The Zahir: A Novel of Obsession .

One of the ideas in the book was to-… yes, forget everything and just BE in your present. Forget about your past and the effect on you. Just BE.

So I decided to do this by listing out the things about me as I am now, not what made me this way or what I USED to be.

  1. I fall in love hard and fast, but I also stay in love for a long time; unless I have been dealt with a reason to do otherwise.
  2. I have a bit of trust issues. Which is unfortunate because it wasn’t always that way.
  3. I am emotional, but I rarely show it unless I feel super strongly about it.
  4. I LOVE reading. Especially Jane Austen & Emily Bronte’s works.
  5. I LOVE writing. Blogs, stories, you name it. I have this blog, a book review blog, and a dance blog.
  6. I love Shakespeare. Which leads to….
  7. Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. I LOVE ME SOME TALL ENGLISHMEN. And Scotsman too. ;)
  8. I love to sleep. Honestly. I can be a human hibernator.
  9. Dance & Music touches me very deeply and easily.
  10. I am a big nature/scenery person. While I DO love technology as well, I find that nothing beats the company of nature and a good book.
  11. I am a fast texter. Meaning if you send me a text, I will reply to you almost immediately. Haha. The only times I don’t reply immediately is when I’m busy, don’t feel like replying to you, or don’t want to seem too eager. =p So yeah it can be frustrating when you’re waiting for an answer or decision, and the other person is taking forever to reply. ><
  12. I am a hopeless, old fashioned romantic. I’ll say it out and proud: I believe in chivalry. I always say that if I had been a guy, whoever dates me has got to be the luckiest girl alive. Because I would go to the moon and back to pamper and surprise the girl, and do the little things that have been so underrated but which actually mean so much. I would very literally spoil my girl. BUT since I’m the girl, of course, I don’t go to those lengths. That’s not to say I wouldn’t though. I just want to make sure that the guy I’d be doing it to knows how to appreciate it, and is someone that would stick with me long-term before I decide to spoil him. ;)
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