Hot Guys.

When I was in school, I’d always have my eye on the good looking guys at tuition class. Coming from an all-girl school for most of my life, the only time I got to interact with people of the opposite sex were during tuition classes or social events. And let’s face it; who WOULDN’T have their eyes on the popular guys?

I’m well aware that I’m not much of a looker. I’m just an ordinary girl that no one would do a double-take at, or spare a second glance. Which, come to think of it, is probably why I had liked those Korean dramas so much. The lead male (often gorgeous, popular, and is some heir to a big company) always tends to fall for the ‘normal’, regular, ‘un-pretty’ girl (who often would be either a rebel, poor, or a pottymouth). I think it sort of gave me hope that my ‘prince charming’ will come one day, a good looking chap; maybe a complete arse to everyone else but me.. like I’m his kryptonite or something.

But that’s in dramas. And I think that’s what makes it so relatable and personal; because we all dream about getting romanced off our feet and being loved unconditionally.

There’s only ONE wee problem though..

This is reality. *cue emergency brake and crash sound*  photo ghostarlol.gif



Still, though, I didn’t lose hope that there might be the smallest chance that someone good looking and of decent status might actually like me.

Until recently, that is.


Something just clicked and sparked in me when I saw this article about ‘Taiwan’s Hottest Bean Curd Seller‘. Expectedly, there’s this young man working there that has sparked interest in the female community, and they flock to the shop to get a glimpse of him, like moths to a flame.

It was upon seeing that news when my conscious actually struck (because it, like its owner, is one hell of a late bloomer). I don’t want to be involved romantically with any popular, hot, sexy, or rich men.

You must think me crazy. Anyone in their right mind would want someone hot, sexy, and popular, and being rich would’ve just been the icing on the cake. But hear me out.


Naturally, people who are hot, rich, sexy or popular would have gotten loads of attention by default. And let’s face it, when our egos are stroked so often, some people start to feel entitled to it; like they should be admired and respected and wanted because of their status.

And here’s where I draw the line. People of that status also tend to think that they can have any guy/girl they want; that the opposite sex would be queueing up to be with them. And I can’t take that sort of mentality.

Also, people who feel entitled tend to have a higher tendency to cheat in a relationship. After all, he/she can get whoever they want. And when they do cheat, they will blame it on their partner for ‘not making an effort’ to ‘keep them interested’, which is why they seek thrills elsewhere.

Like FUCK YOU we’re not your servants that have to wait on your hand and foot.


That’s why I’d rather go for someone ‘normal’. The average guy. The one who never feels entitled to anything, but is thankful when he gets due recognition for his work. The humble, family guy who would rather spend time with me than show himself off to others.

If he’s good looking, then that’s a bonus. But without sounding too cheesy, wouldn’t someone whom you love look handsome/beautiful to you, regardless?

Maybe it’s just me; maybe I think this way from experience? I dunno. Let me know what you think!


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