Thanksgiving 2017

http://picasion.com/gl/8CYc/Sooo it’s that time of the year again when I look back and remember all the things I’m grateful for. And I know it’s a big contrast to my previous emotional post just weeks ago, but… never miss a chance to be grateful and remind yourself just how good life is; despite everything, no?

As always, if you want to go to my previous thanksgiving posts, you can click here (oldest at the bottom, just so you know).

  1. I think it is only fair that I address this one first, judging by my previous post. Although it breaks my heart that my beloved grandfather is no longer here, I am grateful that he is no longer suffering and is at peace. Likewise, I’m grateful that my grandmother is able to go out more now.
  2. My FAMILY, as always. There are times when each and every one of you annoy me to death, but blood will always be thicker than water. And for that, I’m grateful for every single one of you. 
  3. DONA ANN SOPHIA WELMELAGA. Yes I used your full name, so SUCK IT. 
    Year after year, you prove to me that not everyone stabs you in the back, not everyone takes advantage of you just when they need you. You are a damn well rarity babe, for having  my back through and through all these years. And it is because of that that I’ve pledged the same to you. You are the ONLY friend I have that will never criticize or talk crap about me behind my back. And judging by the amount of friends/acquaintances I’ve had in my life, that is certainly saying something. If there is something that I’ve done wrong, consciously or not, you will sit me down and tell it to me straight; and not once did you put me down while doing so. I’m grateful for every year we’ve spent being friends babe. 💖💖
  4. Stewart Graham Anderson. I’ve told you time and time again, but I don’t think you know just how much you’ve changed my life; and me, in general. Apart from my family and my best friend, you are THE best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t think I will ever get to the day when I’m a 100% confident in myself or be rid of my self-esteem issues, but you’ve damn right got me to the closest to that that I’ve ever been. Also, thank you so much for your constant love and tolerance for this meek, not-very attractive, patience-testing woman. I have never felt more loved, appreciated and acknowledged in a relationship, and for that, I’ll always be truly grateful to you. 💖💖
  5. Now this is quite an unusual thing to be grateful for, but I’m thankful for my boss. Seriously. I’ve worked in a good many places, and I know how rare it is to find a unique, understanding, and all round fatherly boss. I definitely struck gold with that one. 
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