Yes, I know I used to have this page in the past, but it got erased when I changed hosts, and I never got around to putting it back on *coughcoughlazycough*

But anyways, I’ve finally put the page back on! So enjoy~! ^^


Downloadable Flash Games


I found these around the internet, and I copied a few from my college’s computers, so they aren’t completely mine.

P/S: If you don’t have Flash Player installed or by some reason they’re not working, open it up in a web browser.

  • Apple Switch – Like those 3-in-a-row swap games, only you swap.. well, apples.
  • Bartender – One of my favourite flash games! xD Mix up your own concoction of cocktails, and let the bartender try your mix. And see if he survives. xD
  • Bleach Training 2 – Like the anime Bleach, train yourself and learn from all the other taichous of Bleach!
  • Blood Pressure Office – Talk your way through the interview process and land yourself a job!
  • Bowling – Self explanitory.
  • Burger Restaurant – Just a really simple burger restaurant game.
  • Cat Bowling – Another bowling game, only this one is Halloween-themed. You’re a ‘monster’ bowling black cats. (This is an Excel file, so the download may seem a little weird. But it works fine after download!)
  • Coffee Machine – Just a little interactive flash animation… With a twist. ;) Also an Excel file.
  • Critter Cannon – Just like the name says, it involves catapulting. And cannons. And critters.
  • Driver ED – One of those driving test games. Addictive!
  • Eva4 – One of those Sim-like games.
  • Find Different Point – Find the difference game, if you haven’t already guessed.
  • Five Differences – Another find the difference game.
  • Flight of The Hamsters – An adorable cannon-shooting, hamster-flying game. Yes, you shoot the hamsters outta the cannons.
  • Island Mini Golf – I think it’s pretty self-explanatory¬†there.
  • Looney Tunes Cannon – Need I say more?
  • Make An Easter Bunny – And it begins with catching a bunny….
  • Mario – Dehydrated Princess – A Mario flash game, only this one involves Mario racing against time, carrying a container of water to the princess.
  • Million Thanks – Just a really cute flash animation.
  • Mindscape – Um.. Some weird game involving you getting lost in some time zone of sorts, and crazy bunnies. Think Charlie The Unicorn kinda insanity.
  • Movie Munchies – A cinema snack bar game.
  • Photo Play 2 – The title says it all..
  • Putt Golf – Another golf game.
  • Silversphere – A game where you have to turn this.. thingy to make the silver ball go in the hole at the other end. (Ok, that sounded pretty wrong.. >< )
  • Sim Simulator – Another Sim-like interactive game.
  • Tarzan – Yes, a flash game based on the Disney cartoon.
  • The Classroom – Not to be confused with the Naughty Classroom series. In this one, you have to copy your way through exams without getting caught!


Got something else you’d like added? Comment below or message me here and I’ll try my best to put it up!

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